We are on a mission to unlock the potential of real estate

HoneyBricks is a platform for investors and real estate sponsors to build enduring relationships and grow their wealth.

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About HoneyBricks

HoneyBricks is a technology platform that connects investors with high-quality commercial real estate opportunities.

By working with leading US real estate operators, we enable fractional and transparent ownership of real estate investments on the Ethereum blockchain.

Leadership & Advisors

Our team brings together experience across technology, real estate, compliance, and capital markets

Andy Crebar

Ramesh Doddi

Karun Veligeti

Ryan Kaldani

Steve Pack

Tony Konstant

Joe Stevens

Mark Janoff

Raman Nambiar

Steve Streetman

Bart Macdonald

Brandon Bachner

Gokul Rajaram

Jeremy Rose

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The values that drive our company

We're looking for people that share our values

Keep Compounding

We believe in iteration and continued improvement. Real wealth are built brick by brick over time.

Grow the Pie

We engage openly with our community to create win-wins with a long-term focus.

Be an Investor

We invest alongside investors and are proud of the responsibility to grow our investors' wealth.

Build Trust

Reputation and transparency are paramount. There are no shortcuts.

Building relationships between investors and sponsors

Investing in commercial real estate can give you cash flow, strong wealth stability, and diversification. We help you get there.