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A different kind of investing experience

HoneyBricks gives accredited investors a platform to discover leading sponsors and invest through smart technology

Meticulous Diligence

Discover sponsors and selected investments in the HoneyBricks marketplace.
Diligence Process ➜

Smart Technology

Reduce friction in accessing exclusive investments and unlock new levels of liquidity.
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Professional Management

Partner with leading real estate managers across the US to grow your wealth.
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Benefit from our diligence and technology

The marketplace gives you curated access to institutional-quality real estate investments that meet strict investment criteria

Growth markets
Target markets based on jobs, population and income growth.
Experienced sponsors
All investments backed by reputable sponsors with strong track records.
Institutional quality assets
Assets that attracts quality tenants with strong market depth.
+15% targeted annual returns
All forecasts are reviewed to ensure conservative and achievable.
+5% cash-on-cash
Cash flowing assets with predictable cash flows and high occupancy.
Low risk strategies
Low leverage investments with low complexity business plans.

Some recently closed investments

We work closely with leading sponsors to regularly bring your new investment opportunities

Unlocking access to institutional quality real estate

We break down the barrier to the best deals that typically require $50k to get started

With rampant inflation, investing in high quality US real estate through HoneyBricks helps give me exposure to assets which provide stable income and grow in value.

Kal Jamshidi

Finance Professional, London

Getting started with HoneyBricks was incredibly simple and gave me my start in commercial real estate investing.

Jesse Buckingham

Business Manager, US

I was part of the Early Access Program and it was easy to build my real estate portfolio. They are legit and the platform is easy to use!

John Tran

Health Professional, Canada

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Investing in real estate doesn’t have to turn you into a landlord. If you’ve got better things to do, you can own real estate without lifting a finger.

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Vetting Deals and Sponsors
Calculating Returns
Tax Advantages
Risk Management
Secondary Market

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