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Build financial freedom for the long term

Due to its low correlation to stocks and bonds, the inclusion of real estate to a multi-asset portfolio is designed to:

  • Reduce volatility: real estate has a low correlation to stocks and bonds
  • Generate strong cash flow: Quality properties in top US cities offer steady and predictable cash flow
  • Provide stability: Real estate can provide a strong hedge against inflation

Target compounded annual returns from passive income and capital growth

Real estate is valuable in any economic climate. In times of high inflation, it is essential.

HoneyBricks' revolutionary platform breaks barriers to commercial real estate investing.

We provide an SEC-compliant, fractional, and tokenized ownership path that makes buying, earning passive rental income, and selling real estate instant, low cost, and enjoyable.

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A different kind of investing experience

Commercial real estate can give you cash flow, wealth stability, and diversification. We help you get there.

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Meticulous Diligence

Every investment has been comprehensively vetted by our experienced investment team

Smart Technology

Transparent and secure technology on the blockchain reduces friction, fees and gives you new levels of liquidity.

Professional Management

We partner with leading operators and steward the asset over the lifetime of your investment

Why invest on the HoneyBricks platform?

SEC-compliant, fractional ownership in high quality US real estate

Highest quality assets

Invest alongside experts – less than 1% of opportunities reviewed make it to the marketplace.

Tax advantaged

Benefit from all the tax advantages of direct ownership of real estate

Generate passive income

HoneyBricks sends you income distributions directly through ACH, wire transfer or USDC.

Unlocking access to institutional quality, US real estate for investors worldwide

Being an investor is a key value that drives our company and we're proud of the responsibility to grow our investors' wealth.

With rampant inflation, investing in high quality US real estate with HoneyBricks helps give me exposure to assets which provide stable income and grow in value.

Kal Jamshidi

Finance Professional, London

Getting started with HoneyBricks was incredibly simple and gave me my start in commercial real estate investing.

Jesse Buckingham

Business Manager, US

I was part of the Early Access Program and it was easy to build my tokenized real estate portfolio. They are legit and the platform is easy to use!

John Tran

Health Professional, Canada

How real estate investing works with HoneyBricks?

Create your account and start building your wealth.

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Includes basic information about you and KYC verification, which allows you to invest in asset-backed security tokens.

Select your Investment

Explore the marketplace for current investments. You can invest with wire transfer, credit card or cryptocurrency.

Earn Passive Income

HoneyBricks lets you own real estate on autopilot with our partnered management teams that manage and grow the investment.

Enjoy Improved liquidity

Secondary investments can be bought and sold with other eligible investors in our private investor network.

How to get started investing with HoneyBricks

Learn how to set up your HoneyBricks account, complete your account verification, and start investing in high-quality tokenized real estate.

Every investment has been comprehensively vetted by our experienced team

Our investment team has invested over $5 billion across 1,000s of real estate assets throughout the US.

Tony Konstant

Real Estate Advisor

Real estate industry experience:

Joe Stevens

Real Estate Advisor

Real estate industry experience:

Brandon Bachner

Real Estate Advisor

Real estate industry experience:

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Learn about the investing in real estate and how the HoneyBricks platform works.

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Protect your wealth through commercial real estate investing

Investing in commercial real estate can give you cash flow, strong wealth stability, and diversification. We help you get there.