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HoneyBricks gets you access to pre-vetted, institutional-quality multifamily deals, with lower minimums and higher liquidity.

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We send you regular cash distributions, and you can track the growth of your portfolio through our platform.

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Not all real estate investments are the same - HoneyBricks gives you access and investing flexibility.




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Own analytics platform
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Multiplying Your Wealth:
From $1M to $10M with Multifamily Real Estate

Learn the secrets of passive investing in multifamily and how investors are compounding their net worth.

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Investing in Multifamily
Understanding Returns
Multiplying Your Wealth
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Learn about investing in real estate and how the HoneyBricks platform works

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What are the advantages of direct investments over REITs?
How does the secondary market work?
Are there investment minimums?
Do I need to be accredited to invest on the HoneyBricks platform?
I’m outside the United States, can I invest?

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Multifamily real estate provides cash flow, wealth stability, and diversification. We help you get there.