Things can change. HoneyBricks ensures you have options.

Through new technology, investments on the HoneyBricks become liquid after a 12 month hold period.

How the Secondary Market works

Providing investing flexibility for current investors, and opportunities for new investors.

For Potential Sellers

Retain investing flexibility with direct peer-to-peer transfers

  • The investment on the HoneyBricks platform enable seamless transfers within our private capital network
  • Sellers can post sales offers based on defined valuation ranges of the underlying commercial real estate investments
For Potential Buyers

View private sales offers from other investors

  • Buyers can review offers of specific commercial real estate investments, along with comprehensive data on each asset and operating performance
  • Buyers have a 30 day window to review and evaluate secondary offerings
  • Transactions are settled instantaneously on the blockchain using USDC, the leading and most trusted USD stablecoin 
HoneyBricks secondary market with 1Inch
Security and Compliance

Powered by the fastest and secure transfer network

  • HoneyBricks uses 1inch Network to allow eligible investors to complete peer-to-peer transfers
  • 1inch smart contracts are designed for secure transfers with regular audits by industry leaders
  • Transfers are dependent on both investment and investor eligibility, with both parties anonymous

Build durable wealth, manage with flexibility


No more mandatory 5 year holds. Invest for the long term but keep you options open.

No Fees

There are no HoneyBricks fees for buyers or sellers on the secondary market.

Instant Settlement

Transfers are completed through a smart contract that privately settles the transaction directly on the blockchain.


Valuations are updated every quarter with the most up to date information from the investment manager.

Compliance First

The transfers are non-custodial, meaning that your digital shares are never held by 1inch or HoneyBricks.

Exclusive Access

Buyers get access to deals which would otherwise be impossible to invest into once they are closed.

Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the transaction costs?
How is the valuation determined?
When can securities be posted for sale?
How can I be notified of secondary interests for sale?

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