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The HoneyBricks marketplace contains hand selected investments from leading sponsors in the US

Investments selected for the HoneyBricks marketplace have been comprehensively vetted

Our investment team has invested over $5 billion across 1,000s of real estate assets throughout the US.

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The Marketplace

Access exclusive investments in the HoneyBricks marketplace

HoneyBricks provides software and services to real estate sponsors, who can submit their investment for additional funding from our private capital network in the HoneyBricks marketplace.

Through the marketplace, investors have the opportunity to participate on a deal-by-deal basis in a range of curated and vetted investments.

+100 factors

Weighed in our diligence of each opportunity

The Management

We partner with experienced and high-quality real estate sponsors 

Working with experienced sponsors gives you access to the highest quality investment opportunities. 

Our sponsor review process covers: 

Background checks: in-depth online news and social media research of both the firm, principals and their respective histories.

Track record reviews: we review and assess how the sponsor has successfully executed similar and related projects in the asset type they are looking to tokenize.

Clear designation: we categorize sponsors into one of four unique classes based on our assessment to ensure HoneyBricks investors are educated on their experience.

The Numbers

Targeting competitive risk-adjusted returns

Once we’re confident in the numbers and the sponsor, we categorize investment opportunities as core, core plus, value add or opportunistic based on the profile of their return and business plan.

We use strict criteria to further evaluate the investment, considering the yield on cost, business plan risk, asset appreciation potential, and market strength. This includes 3rd party data and our own underwriting to validate the sponsor’s assumptions and business plan. 

Every opportunity is individually reviewed by our investment team to determine if it is right for our marketplace.


Baseline targeted IRR from rental income and capital growth


Legal Diligence

Our team reviews offering and legal documents to ensure there are no discrepancies relating to the numbers or representation of the offering.

This includes:

  • Standard third party reports 
  • Deal documents 
  • Pro forma assumptions, capital structure and financial models
  • Feasibility of the business plan

Lastly, investments are screened with investor demand to ensure that there is an audience for and sufficient interest in the project.


Of opportunities reviewed make it to the marketplace

Post Investment Management

Stewardship of your investment

Once an investment is funded and listed on the marketplace, the HoneyBricks Account Management team works with the sponsor for the lifetime of the project.

HoneyBricks provides regular operating updates to investors, as well as basic administrative services including cash, and tax document distribution.

All sponsors to commit to being responsive, reliable, and honest when it comes to communicating with investors.

Some recently closed investments

Investments are sourced in growth markets across the US with leading investment managers

Key learning resources

Learn about real estate investing, blockchain, and decentralized finance on the HoneyBricks Learning Center

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