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Platinum Investor Service

A premier service reserved exclusively for major investors on the platform.

Cash Back Bonus

Receive 1.0% cash back immediately upon investing in any offer.

Concierge Investing

Access investment opportunities before they go live in the marketplace, and access any deal without being oversubscribed.

Deal Pipeline Insights

Receive exclusive monthly insight into the HoneyBricks investment review pipeline to support your personal investment planning.

Portfolio Check Up Calls

Schedule 1:1 portfolio calls with our team to review your investments, your investment goals and any questions about the platform.

Some recently closed investments

Investments are sourced in growth markets across the US with leading investment managers

Passive income, not property management

We break down the barrier to the best deals and get you the benefits of ownership without managing tenants

"The education and transparency of HoneyBricks is excellent. I highly recommend."

Satheesh Bommakanti

Technology Professional

"Getting started with HoneyBricks was incredibly simple and gave me my start in commercial real estate investing."

Jesse Buckingham

Business Manager

"It was easy to build my real estate portfolio. HoneyBricks is legit and the platform is easy to use!"

John Tran


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Multifamily real estate provides cash flow, wealth stability, and diversification. We help you get there.