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Why Invest in US Real Estate?

HoneyBricks gives investors a platform to co-invest with leading sponsors across the US.

Higher Returns

Due to market size, diversity and macro conditions - US assets can generate higher and more stable USD returns for international investors.
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Clear legal protections

The US has strong legal protections to protect local and international investors. HoneyBricks is a US company and digital securities issuer, with clear investor disclosures.
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Professional Management

We partner with leading real estate managers across the US to grow your wealth. We vet, diligence and work with these teams to give you strong and stable returns.
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How to invest in US real estate as a South African?


Get your ITIN or SSN

Acquire an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN) or a Social Security Number (SSN) for tax purposes.

As we send you USD distributions, we're required to keep this tax information available for compliance purposes.

There are a number of online services providers that can help you do this or we can do it for you.


Explore the HoneyBricks Marketplace

Browse the marketplace to find U.S. real estate investments that align with your financial goals.

You'll need to verify your account through KYC, but accreditation is not required for international investors under Regulation S.


Invest and start earning passive income and capital appreciation

Select a suitable investment for you and start generating passive income and appreciation from institutional quality, U.S. real estate assets.

We send you regular cash distributions, and you can track the growth of your portfolio through our platform.

Trusted by Investors in South Africa and Around the World

We break down the barrier to the best deals that typically require $50k to get started

With rampant inflation, investing in high quality US real estate through HoneyBricks helps give me exposure to assets which provide stable income and grow in value.

Kal Jamshidi

Finance Professional, London

Getting started with HoneyBricks was incredibly simple and gave me my start in commercial real estate investing.

Jesse Buckingham

Business Manager, US

I was part of the Early Access Program and it was easy to build my real estate portfolio. They are legit and the platform is easy to use!

John Tran

Health Professional, Canada

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