How you build wealth in Multifamily Real Estate investing?

There is a reason multifamily real estate is the asset class of choice for the wealthy, bringing three major benefits:

Cash Flow →Appreciation →Tax Advantages →

#1. Cash Flow

Cash flow is the income investors earn from the property minus the expenses for operating the asset.

With multifamily, investors generate income from the tenants of the building, before covering all the costs and debt servicing costs.

"Value-Add" strategies pursue buildings that are already cash flowing to reduce risk for investors, with the goal of improving the quality of the asset and achieving higher income.

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>5% cash-on-cash

Targeted cash-on-cash returns of investments in the HoneyBricks marketplace.

#2. Appreciation

Appreciation is the value of the asset increasing over time and is one of the many advantages of owning real estate.

Appreciation comes for underlying rent growth which typically increases 3% every year, although this number is much higher in certain markets.

Multifamily investors typically purchase assets with a mortgage - borrowing to invest gives the investors leverage, amplifying expected returns from appreciation.

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#3. Tax Advantages

Among the biggest - and least understood - advantage of investing in real estate is the wide array of tax benefits available for investors.

Multifamily investors are often able to generate cash flow entirely sheltered from taxes in the early years due to deductions available.

When investing in syndications, you'll also have access to advanced tax strategies that drive additional savings.

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Grow your wealth

Multifamily real estate provides cash flow, wealth stability, and diversification. We help you get there.