Make access to capital your competitive advantage

Tokenizing saves time and resources, streamlines investor onboarding, and allows HoneyBricks to provide unparalleled compliance and controls.

Access a global market

Attract a new pool of investors

Using a public blockchain that enforces compliance gives HoneyBricks access to a global network of distributors and investors.

Standardization and digital tools accelerate distribution, with HoneyBricks managing the KYC and eligibility of all your new investors.

Streamline issuance

Digital securities for the digital age

We convert part of your offering into a financial product through tokenization to diversify your capital strategy.

Investors digitally sign subscription agreements like any private placement, with securities becoming permissioned tokens that automatically apply compliance.

Your investors are your investors, accessing your company branded portal and only shown your offerings.

Enable and monetize transfers

Enable compliant transfers and increase monetization of your firm’s work

Tokenization makes LP interests liquid, with all the same benefits of traditional syndicated investments.

Digital assets transfers between limited members can be approved within the investor base, at low cost and with securities compliance automatically enforced.

Automate servicing

Streamlined reporting and distributions

Tokenization increases transparency and operational efficiency with blockchains that provide automatic reporting and capital table management.

We create distributions, notices, K1s and payments to your investors throughout the world.

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HoneyBricks offers you streamlined and compliant access to new capital pools around the world, with a single counterparty and outsourced administration.

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