We take the admin out of raising capital and get you new investors

HoneyBricks gives you access to new pools of capital and streamlines the structure — so you can focus on the real estate, not investor administration.

What HoneyBricks offers?

Access New Capital

Raise from professional investors in the HoneyBricks private network.

Seamless closes

HoneyBricks takes care of entity formation, compliance, documents, distribution and wires.


We prepare tax returns and K-1 distributions
for the duration of the investment.
Access a global market

Attract a new pool of investors

Using a public blockchain that enforces compliance gives HoneyBricks access to a global network of distributors and investors.

Standardization and digital tools accelerate distribution, with HoneyBricks managing the KYC and eligibility of all your new investors.

A word from one of our Partner sponsors
Access to new capital + flawless execution

"HoneyBricks provided us with access to a new source of capital and differentiated technology. This coupled with flawless execution has us excited to be partnering with HoneyBricks and we see so much potential for growth."

Mark Limpert
Principal @ Orion Real Estate Partners

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HoneyBricks offers you streamlined and compliant access to new capital pools around the world, with a single counter party and outsourced administration.

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