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Grow your real estate investor following

  • Create your sponsor profile in less than 5 minutes
  • Add a summary, target submarkets and past deals to highlight your experience
  • Effortlessly display interactive tombstones of your past investments
Get Discovered By Investors

Attract investors looking to invest in your target market or deal size

  • 1000s of passive real estate investors find sponsors through our platform with effortless search and discovery
  • Your profile has a 'Follow' button so that a passive investor can join the waitlist to be part of your next real estate investment including investment size and eligibility
Raise capital from a single counterparty

Aggregate eligible investors into a single SPV for your next real estate deal

  • Sync or import your new contacts directly into your CRM, or set-up a HoneyBricks SPV to aggregate checks into your next real estate deal
  • HoneyBricks manages the administration and gives you a single counterparty for your cap table so you can focus on your real estate deals  

Attracting Investors FAQS

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Is HoneyBricks a cryptocurrency?

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