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The Ranches




Ogden, Utah

Minimum Investment:

$1,000 (1 Token)

Target returns





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Returns estimated over a
year hold period

Key points

The Ranches is a 79-home, townhome community, built in 2018 and located in Ogden, a dynamic suburb 40 minutes north of Salt Lake City.

A Thriving Location: Ogden has projected 5-year double digit job and wage growth of 10.6% and 12.5%, respectively. The population is also projected to grow at 12% over the next 5 years, far outpacing the national growth projection of 4%. Ogden’s attractive job market, affordable cost of living and access to outdoor recreation has resulted in Ogden seeing an influx of young professionals.

Rent Growth: The value add business plan will invest a total of $974,000 in the property, pushing rents to $1,950. Recent leasing is supportive of this plan with unrenovated rents averaging $1,889 (+13.6% vs in-place).

Low Interest Rate Risk: A combination of appealing location, new vintage, moderate capital plan risk and strong recent leasing is further enhanced by a favorable debt strategy, with the Sponsor securing a 4.36% (5 years interest-only) loan.

Why we like this investment

"The large, 2-story, floor-plans and direct access garages position the property as a very strong value alternative to home ownership, which is 32% more expensive than business plan rents for The Ranches. Additionally, the sponsor has locked in a 4.4% fixed-rate loan, effectively de-risking this opportunity from one of the most significant investment risk factors."

Tony Konstant

Head of Real Estate | HoneyBricks

About the sponsor

Orion Real Estate Partners

Orion Real Estate Partners (“Orion”) is a private real estate investment firm with offices in Los Angeles, Denver and Austin. Orion was founded by experienced real estate operators to acquire and manage multifamily investments in the Western United States with a focus on value-add opportunities with strong in-place cash flow.

Utilizing proven institutional processes to source and manage investments, Orion identifies assets with capital and operational repositioning opportunities to generate attractive risk-adjusted returns for our investors.

Orion’s principals have 50 years of combined industry experience and have been involved in over $3.5 billion of transactions encompassing over 18,000 multifamily units.

Since 2016, transaction volume has totaled over 2,600 units in Austin, Denver, Provo and San Antonio with a gross value of over $400 million.

Every offering has been comprehensively vetted by our experienced investment team

Our investment team has invested over $5 billion across 1,000s of real estate assets throughout the US.

Tony Konstant

Real Estate Advisor

Real estate industry experience:

Joe Stevens

Real Estate Advisor

Real estate industry experience:

Brandon Bachner

Real Estate Advisor

Real estate industry experience:

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