Invest in real estate from your crypto wallet

HoneyBricks wraps high quality, US real estate into security tokens that allow you to receive income, capital growth, and borrow from your assets.

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Build a long term, resilient portfolio with liquid real estate

Real estate is the world’s biggest and most sought-after asset class but real estate investing suffers from high barriers to entry, low liquidity, high costs, and slow transactions.

HoneyBricks provides an SEC-compliant, fractional, and tokenized ownership path that makes buying, earning income, and selling real estate instant, low cost, and enjoyable.

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Invest with fiat, crypto, or by staking your existing crypto

Private real estate offers the unique combination of strong income generation, asset-price stability, and attractive risk-adjusted returns.

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Cash Flow

Multifamily real estate has proven its ability to deliver stable income streams to investors over centuries.


Real estate has staying power. People always need a place to live.


Managing your risk doesn’t need to mean sacrificing returns.

Why invest with HoneyBricks?

HoneyBricks real estate tokens represent real ownership in physical real estate that generates passive income and capital growth.

Real assets, quality yield

High quality properties that generate stable income and capital growth

True ownership, no hassle

Backed by the US legal system with real ownership in the asset through SEC compliant structure

Receive consistent income

HoneyBricks on-ramps USD and sends you the distributions in your choice of cryptocurrency

Co-invest with experts

We partner with leading operators with strong track records and management

Borrow from your capital

Monthly valuations improve capital efficiency and show real time appraisals

Be proud of your assets

High quality assets with stable income and capital growth

How investing with HoneyBricks works

Create your account, connect your wallet, and start building your wealth.

Create your HoneyBricks account

Includes basic information about you and KYC verification, which allows you to purchase and hold security tokens.

Purchase tokens

Explore the HoneyBricks marketplace for current offerings. Tokens can be purchased from HoneyBricks using fiat, crypto, or staking your existing crypto.

Get paid in crypto

HoneyBricks lets you own real estate on autopilot with our vetted management teams that run the asset to its highest potential and distribute proceeds directly to your wallet.

Borrow from your tokens

As a token holder, you can pledge your tokens and take out crypto loans based on your collateral value.

Enjoy improved liquidity

Tokens can be redeemed with HoneyBricks directly, or sold to other investors in the secondary market after the initial hold period of 12 months required under US Securities law.

Every offering has been comprehensively vetted by our experienced investment team

Our investment team has invested over $5 billion across 1,000s of real estate assets throughout the US.

Tony Konstant

Head of Real Estate

Real estate experience:

Joe Stevens

Real Estate Advisor

Real estate experience:

Brandon Bachner

Real Estate Advisor

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Frequently Asked Questions

Learn about the tokenization of real estate, what a security token offering is, the benefits of blockchain technology,  how our platform works, and more.

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